Looking up the Canyon From the Top of the Water Basin
 Second Gate and Bridge Over Wash 

San Bernardino County Waterman's  District  Map, Can be Viewed Below (Property is Within the San Antonio Water Company's Jurisdiction.

Property is located here.

Arial Map of Marble Canyon (Including the Water Basin), San Antonio Water Company's Water Storage Tower, and Cucamonga Canyon drainage.

Property Overview

Approximate Property

Boundary Lines

Upland and San Antonio Hieghts
Wide Angle View of North Half Upland, CA
Close Up Water Basin on Property
San Antonio Heights - Upland
Surface/Ground Water All Around the Property
S.A.W.C. Water Towers and Cucamonga Canyon
Points of Interest
Hill-Top Peak on Land
Buildable Home-site 
Water Basin
Large, Cylinder Concrete Drainage Pipes
Road Continues Up into M.C.
Road Turn Around
Private Road Begins
E. 26th Street
Second Gate
S.A.W.C. Water Tower

San Bernardino's Assessor's Parcel Map is shown below.

More Pictures of Marble Canyon From Ground Level