Completed Project:

605 Begonia Ave

Tear Down Project with Custom Rebuild Consisting of Approved Plans, Condo Conversion, Interior/Exterior Design, and Sales of Completed Units

Property Location

Scope of Work

605 Begonia Ave - Corona del Mar

Exterior Elevations

Side Elevation

Condominium Plan

Condominum Plan
Front & Rear Elevations
  • Did market analysis including comparing like properties to identify the best possible property to start a re-build lot.

  • Assisted with the purchase of the property for it's land value with the intention of a complete tear down and re-build project.

  • Purchased the property for below market value, giving us immediate built in equity into our project.

  • Secured financing for both the home loan and the construction loan

  • Put proper insurance in place to cover the home (as it was being built) and property from liability or injuries through a Course of Construction Policy and put completed construction policy in place. In addition to regular home owner's association.

  • Our goal was to build a better product than our competition, the other developers in town, who were cutting corners to save on costs.

  • Created a budget and timeline factoring in all construction costs, semi-annual taxes, future permitting and city fees, and the inclusion of the time value of money  which is the holding  costs of the project on a monthly basis.

  • Procured Architect (Andrew Goetz) for City Copy of floor-plans with completed engineering.

  • Made revisions to floor-plan layout.

  • Hired General Contractor, Frank Ultimo, to help oversee the project.

  • Pulled the permits "owner-builder" to save on bonding fees

  • Compared multiple bids to make sure they are offering the same work and then selected sub-contractors based on their proposals

  • Completed the demolition of the old structure.

  • Created a foundation footprint, reinforced with rebar steel and cement.

  • Submitted plans to the city for approval and permits. Completed necessary corrections and re-submitted until approved.

  • Picked materials and created color pallet with help of designer, David Romero.

  • Completed the Condo Conversion Process, thus creating an HOA, complete with CCRs and split homes into separate legal entities with different APN numbers for tax purposes.

  • Got Certificate of Occupancy.

  • Assisted in the marketing and the sale of both the front and the rear units.

Before Photos of Existing Home

605 Begona Ave - Corona del Mar
605 Begonia Ave
605 Begonia Ave - Corona del Mar

Completed of 605 Begonia - Front Unit

Completed 605 1/2 Begonia - Rear Unit

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