• Purchased the home for future development.

  • A project timeline and budget were created.

  • Project was moved into a LLC with accounts receivable and accounts payable.

  • Hired architect to create floor-plans to complete the permitting process with the City of Newport Beach.

  • The existing duplex was remodeled into a front unit and a roof deck was added to the structure. The rear unit was constructed from the ground up sharing a common wall.

  • General Contractor was tasked with the build.

  • Each part of the construction process was open to the bidding process. After reviewing quotes sub-contractors were selected.

  • LLC was named as an additionally Insured and a Course of Construction Policy was procured to provide proper Insurance coverage for both damage and liability.

  • A designer was hired to assist with material selection and color pallet.

  • A condo conversion was preformed on the home to create separate APN's. This included implementing a Home Owner's Association and CCR's that govern the 2 units as a whole.

  • Listing Agent of the front unit that was sold upon the completion of the project in January of 2013.


Completed 214 Marguerite Ave - Front Unit

Completed 214 1/2 Marguerite Ave - Rear Unit

Planned Unit Development Plans, as part of the Condo Conversion Process and splitting the home in separate legal entities.