Scope of Work Preformed: 

  • Purchased an existing medical building that was for sale.

  • Purchased the half of commercial land adjacent to the building to fulfill the parking need.

  • Purchased the acre of land behind the building on Hemlock Road that was in a residential zoning and converted the land into commercial by applying with the city, meeting requirements, and petitioning the city council; even appearing at the City Hall meeting to give a speech about the benefits of changing the zoning. This process was successful.

  • Hiring an architect for the project, John Zane, to help with getting city approved plans for the complete remodel.

  • Hired an engineer, Willy Ventura, to preform the necessary calculations and numbers for the building and permitting process.

  • Hired a contractor, John Meyer, to preform the work on site and to handle the insurance requirements.

  • Worked with designer, David Romero, to help select materials and color pallet for the interio/exterior of the building.

  • Hired a landscape architect to help with plant selection to match the natural environment and removed old trees and vegetation that has overgrown. Demoed and rebuilt planter areas to widen the path of travel around the building for ADA.

  • Getting reports and inspections done to satisfy the requirements laid out by the city such as an endangered species report in which a biologist spent the night on the property to ensure there was not an endangered species present.

  • Dealt with security issues at occurred at night by redoing the exterior lighting in the parking lot and surrounding area this including the installation of motion light, flood lights, security cameras and wrought iron fencing. There was also a guard hired to patrol the property and local authorities were noticed of the disturbance.

  • Ordered and installed new signage for the monument street sign and for the building.

  • Made several changes to the floor plans to ensure that each doctor's input was noted on the plans and updates made.

  • Completed the demolition of the the interior and exterior.

  • Completed the framing process with metal beams.

  • Reworked the HV/AC systems for efficiency and maximum coverage. Building was purchased with 4 new AC units on the roof including security cages.

  • Patched up the roof where flat spots had began to show signs of water intrusion. Fixed broken and missing roof tiles.

  • Worked with the contractor to keep change order costs to a minimum. There were many changes during the construction process which means getting re-approved at the city and the extra costs.

  • Upgraded the power room including the panels , meters and breakers to accommodate the increased use of electricity on site.

  • Completed the dry-wall and painting of the interior/exterior.

  • Installed new interior doors, counter-tops and built-in work areas including filing room and shelving.

  • Added ADA requirements including widening and changing the entry door, changing the parking lot curb to include a handicap ramp with necessary railing, check-in/check-out counter at wheelchair height and proper parking.

  • Retiled and upgraded the bathrooms with put in new privacy dividers and accessories.

  • Brought in new cabinetry for the work space, work-up areas and exam rooms

  • Made updates flooring including tiles and re-carpeting.

  • Organized with city officials a ribbon cutting ceremony that included the major, city council members, local media for complete news coverage and other important business owner's in the area to attend the ceremony.

  • Got the Certificate of Occupancy and passed all necessary inspections.

Building off the Bear Valley Exit from 15 Freeway

1 Acre Raw Land Converted Zoning from Residential to Commercial

(approx. property lines)

1/2 Acre Commercial Land Converted to Parking Lot

1/2 Acre with Existing Medical Building Includes Parking and Signage

1/2 Acre Commercial Land for Future Expantion

Site Maps with parking, Floor plans with furniture layout, and Planned Development: 

Outside of the Office (Construction Stage):

On South Land Looking East Toward the Hemlock Land
Front Pre-Construction
Before Repair
Front After Painting
Front After Painting and Side-Walks
Entry During Demo

During Construction Inside the Office:

After Pictures of Completed Construction:

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